Ultimate NBA Super Team?



Ok I think you can tell by the picture above that this NBA Super Team is full of Grit.

This squad may not have guys who “jump off the page” or have “superstar talent”. But this bunch is sneaky athletic, guys who are first in last out and literally a few coaches sons on the team. From a guy who loves fundamentals this crew sure doesn’t lack in that department. Even though they all collectively shuffle their feet at a snails pace but that means NADA in the NBA where defense is for the birds. So let’s take a look at this goon squad!


PG- Gordon Hayward


This is what it looks like when you get money and get invited to the club one time.

Dude is a stud and say what you will, he is running the point for me all day!

SG- JJ Redick

Looks like a dick and I love him for it but is one neck tat away from being the shooting guard version of Birdman. BIG TIME HARDO MOVE

SF- Kyle Korver

The guy is declining but this team isn’t about defense. SHOOTERS. SHOOTERS. SHOOTERS! MORE SHOOTERS PLEASE!

PF- Kevin Love

As I said this team isn’t about defense

C- Mason Plumlee

Oh boy.

The Reserves:

  • F-Chandler Parsons
  • F-Ryan Anderson
  • G-Steve Blake
  • F-David Lee
  • C-Chris Anderson
  • G-Jimmer Fredette
  • C-Frank Kaminsky
  • F-Doug McDermott
  • G-Luke Ridnour
  • G- TJ McConnell


Coach- Luke Walton


Well shit. As I finish typing this doomsday lineup I can’t help but think what this team can’t do! I’ll tell you what they will do.

They will lead the league in charges taken, FT % as a team, layups and Points given up. Let me just give you a taste of what the season would be like:


BUT more of this:giphy (6).gif

And absolutely NONE of this:

giphy (5).gif

Straight killers at every turn! If Billy Hoyle is on this squad though I’m putting all my money on them to challenge the Cavs and Warriors. Even without him you would be hard pressed to convince me this team wouldn’t be a 5 or 6 seed in the East. So by Derrick Rose’s definition this is a SUPER TEAM!




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