Attention Bengals Fans,

You’ve seen this movie before.

33yr old Shutdown DB right there!

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know but the Bengals dropped another prime time game. Now I’m not one who reads much into that media nugget but this game was lost in typical Bengals fashion. Before it even kicked off I thought there was only two ways this game would go. Either mouth-breather and co. would slice through this suddenly terrible Bengals defense or they would play a tough close game and lose in the end. Unfortunately for Who Dey Nation it was the latter.

I would rather have turned my TV to college bball than have been tuned in for 4 hours of that familiar display. The defense finally showed it had some type of backbone after getting carved up on the first drive for 80 yards in 8 plays. Things looked pretty stellar right away, then the offense responded well and scored right back in 3 plays for 80 yards. After some back and forth with the defensive getting a pick to set up a FG, the Bengals were hanging tough going into half down 14-10. But what has plagued this team all year reared its ugly head in the second half. This team CANNOT. I repeat. CAN. NOT. get off of the field on 3rd down! Giants were damn near 50% on 3rd downs, and we aren’t talking 3rd and shorts. These are all 3rd down and long plays that keep drives alive and leave this very out of shape defense (shocker) on the field. Even though “Mr. Clean” Vontaze Burfict played his best game of the year thus far. He was still super gassed on the 4th down TD play that eventually won the Giants the game when Shepard crossed his face for an easy walk in score.

By the way ballsy call by McAdoo who has a very legendary PC look:


Anyway back to the shitball team in stripes. The other thing that has hurt this team all season is this offensive line. It is flat out trash! I’ve never seen an o-line go from pretty damn good to hot garbage in one year to the next with virtually the same cast. This line has given up 28 sacks through 9 games and gave up 32 all of last year! Not a stats guy but I don’t think they are on the right track. This terrible line obviously hurts everything else with the offense. The timing in the pass game, the run game is all off and it makes the coaches change their game plan. I’m not a Dalton defend but I do have to give him a break when he only has time for check downs, screens, and 4 yard throws. For what he has and who he has blocking for him, he has played fairly well.

So in a game where the defense played well for most of it, made plays and created turnovers. Got a special teams boost from early “Grit Guy of the Week” pick Alex Erickson with a very slow, well blocked kick return for 84 yards setting up the Bengals to take the lead 17-14  to start the second half. They had a chance and were in prime position to pull it out and get the season back on track in the chaos that is the AFC North. But up 20-14 going into the 4th, the Cedric Ogbuehi (HA!) lead offensive line and highly inconsistent defense finally crumbled. The defensive gives up that Shepard TD you saw earlier making it 21-20 Giants and then offensive line just said “Fuq It” the rest of the way. Just getting destroyed constantly when the Giants only rushed 4. Dalton couldn’t get anything going and they managed the clock like they were ready to get the hell out of New York. Just Zero Urgency! That’s also not a shocker from a Marvin Lewis lead team but that’s a story for a different time.

I could go on and on about how frustratingly bad this team is right now.This performance wasn’t anything new to Bengals fans though. You’ve seen this before, games you know that are gonna be tough. They surprise you early and hang in the game, make you want it, make you believe….and then just crumble at the end for your viewing pleasure. This is the theme though for this year so buckle up for the second half of the season because it isn’t changing! Dalton will get sacked 50 times, the defense will quit in games and throw away close games because of dumbass mistakes and Marvin will be back next year to do it all over again.

Good thing is, we won’t have to see this happen in the playoffs.




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