UK beats Michigan State 69-48

Uh oh. That puckering sound you heard around the world tonight was the asshole of every college basketball coach not named John Calipari. Michigan State is probably going to be relatively down this year, but the Cats put them in a bodybag from the opening tip.


Malik Monk’s stroke finally came to life after being non-existent during the first handful of warmup games prior to tonight. De’Aaron Fox is stupid fast. I think he could go into the NBA tonight and be one of the top 5 fastest guys in the league. Isaiah Briscoe came back for his sophomore year to improve his draft stock and that’s exactly what he has done so far.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 10.35.54 PM.png

The new post-up rules have made it impossible for Bam to create opportunities down low. Hopefully as the season progresses, the coaching staff will help him carve out space without posting-up players the same way everyone has since basketball was invented fouling.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-10-36-09-pm

Our defense is what will lead us to #9 this year. All 5 guys can switch off screens and close out on the perimeter. And unlike last year, our big men have testicles and won’t get pushed around by every single team.  I’m tired. This Duke/Kansas game is a foul fest so it’s unwatchable. Next game is Sunday vs. the mighty Duquesne Dukes. Go Big Blue!





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