My Lost Hoop Mixtape Found


It took some digging but I finally found some highlights from my 6th Grade AAU basketball assault on these unassuming scrubs. I know the video is old but it is still worth a look.



Pretty damn good video quality for the early 2000’s if you ask me.

Alright it’s not me but this kid is a true hero to all of us round people who love the round ball. Growing up a short, stubby kid who loves to shoot and catch people off guard with that mean slo-mo crossover this brings a tear to my eye. It’s like I’m a proud parent passing the torch to this kid and even though I was never this good, I just relate to this kid.

My time is up or I wouldn’t be typing this from my toilet as both legs start to fall asleep. There is no hope for us washed up individuals but we who are white gritty truly love this kid and we just want you to enjoy it while it lasts Big Country.

I don’t know what this kids parents look like but take it from me Big Icing but a 5’11” 200+lbs PG doesn’t play well in High School or even D1 for that matter.

Good Luck Big Frosty and keep balling!


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