Shocker: Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Watch Film


Film? Are we talking about film?!


It shouldn’t come as a shocker to NBA fans that Russell Westbrook admitted to the media today that he doesn’t watch game film. Here is what he had to say:

Russell is a huge poker fan apparently.

“What’s that Billy? Nah man I didn’t hear you I got pocket Aces right now.”

I guess when you’re the most explosive athlete in the game you can just tell your coach to kick rocks and just set back and play games on your phone because you know your dropping 41 in Orlando later that night. Look I don’t care that he doesn’t watch film because he makes up for everything athletically and goes hard all game. That’s how Russell has played his entire career. Like he said “Hopefully, they can stop that”. Which really no one can.

Hey I’m not saying a guy with an Assist to Turnover Ratio of 1.9 couldn’t benefit from some extra time in the lab but who really cares? You think he does? Or even his coaches? Westbrook was never much of a PG anyway and he damn sure isn’t passing the rock to his current cast.

But when you can do this:

Yea…fuck film