Aldon Smith Will Not Go Away


Aldon Smith is on of the best pure pass rushers of my recent memory. I mean the guy is a straight freak, there is no denying that. He almost averages a sack for just about each game he has played in throughout his career. That’s getting it done as an edge rusher but unfortunately for NFL fans the dude may be the DUMBEST guy on the planet.

Since he has enter the league in 2011 he has been in legal trouble 5 times and suspended from the NFL 4 times. He is currently serving a year suspension from the NFL because of his involvement in a hit-and-run back in August of 2015.

Oh but let’s not forget the infamous weed Periscope video:


Literally the DUMBEST dude. The part where he says “it’s not like I put Aldon Smith on it.” BRUH, like come on! Moments like that though are what make the internet the greatest.

But good ole Aldon is back in the news because today his one year suspension is up. He filed for his appeal back in October so now he just plays the waiting game from Mr. Goodell hoping to be reinstated. Not trying to climb on my soapbox here but why haven’t they given this dude the official axe from the NFL. I mean Aaron Hernandez still hasn’t been suspended from the NFL so we shouldn’t be too surprised. Point being, if you keep screwing up at your job and give the middle finger to your job’s conduct policy, almost 1,000% of the time after the first or even 2nd offense. You’re canned!

Oh but not my man Aldon, every time you think he is out of the NFL light for good:


Seriously this guy is like Jason or Michael Myers and you know how many of those shitball movies they made?!

There will be a time when we go to Mars and eventually start real hard-hitting football there, Aldon will be up there trying to find ways to play. Too bad he will be too busy smoking galactic kush and running over Martians with his rover.

In a recent YouTube video Aldon smith put out he was asked about what advice he would give people facing adversity.”I’m going to speak for myself, because I’m in that situation,” Smith said. “I won’t take no for an answer. I won’t be defeated.”


Of course you won’t Aldon and the NFL will keep reviving you. See you in Mars!


Here is the YouTube interview in full: