Tom Herman Punches His Ticket To Austin Tonight


Tom Herman has been the hottest name in the college football world to land at a number of blue chip programs come this offseason. Places like USC, LSU, and Texas have all been attached to the Herman rumor mill. As we sit today, Herman’s future looks a little cloudy.

After opening the season with a huge win against Oklahoma and jumping out to a 5-0 record and a #6 ranking in the AP Poll. Houston was in the driver seat to make the College Football Playoff as an at-large bid. The Herman Hype couldn’t of been any bigger

Then Navy happened…

I personally have no idea why teams schedule Navy. Navy is that tiny in shape white kid who face-guards you all game long in pick up basketball. Nobody wants to play that guy or that kind of team. After the loss to Navy and then dropping another to SMU two weeks later. The Herman rumors kinda went quiet, making it look like the guy might be costing himself millions with each loss. It hasn’t helped that USC and LSU has found their footing and actually look like they know how to play football again. Now there is Texas and Charlie Strong, just still an absolute mess and it isn’t getting corrected anytime soon. Herman is the perfect fit for the Big 12 and Texas. He is an offensive genius and Big 12 only likes to play offense, there is no such thing as defense there. It’s honestly the flag football conference.

So tonight I think Herman makes his millions back and puts a stamp on his name as one of the top coaches in the country. Tonight the cougars go against the future Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals at 8pmET. Tonight is the perfect kind of game that a team like Houston shows out for their coach propelling him to break their hearts at the end of the year and leave for greener pastures.

Tonight will be a shootout. First to 50 probably wins and I think Houston gets it done and lose their great coach in the process.

I wonder when he does leave, does he have to give Paul Wall his grill back?