Swag Kelly Rolling Bats On Snapchat


Fresh off of ACL surgery Ole Miss QB Chad “Swag” Kelly appears to be rolling some J birds with the homies.

This is obviously for rehabilitation purposes of course so no harm done.

Honestly what I don’t understand is why put yourself in that situation? I don’t give a shit about the weed it’s more about rolling weed around people you don’t trust or know. It’s hard for me to imagine that his “friends” are just posting it on their snapchats to just fuck with him. This dude has already had an eventful couple of months. You would think from a guy who has been put on blast by a porn star twice trying to slide in her DMs. Or rushing the field to fight some high school players when he was watching his brother play. You would think he had some cause for pause. Those incidents are just this year too, so you’d think he would second guess rolling up the mids with the boys since what has transpired this season. Oh no, not Swag Kelly.

But in the end, none of this matters. Kelly is in his senior year, and is hurt for the rest of the season so FIRE THAT SHIT UP ROY!

By the way that mids joke has to be false because if we learned anything from Laremy Tunsil

Hugh Freeze is paying them boys, so that’s gotta be straight GAS!


To the kid that posted this though, you’re a clown! But thanks for the content