The Weeknd Is The New Michael Jackson


Let’s get one thing clear. I’m not saying The Weeknd will be as big of a Pop Star as Michael Jackson ever was, MJ was an icon and a legend so it’s hard to top that. But it’s not far fetch to think The Weeknd won’t be sitting a top the Pop Star throne for the next decade.

The XO man is a little different from MJ when it comes to content. The Weeknd is about popping pills, smoking and waking up to a bad chick everyday not remembering what happened the night before. MJ was more about love, relationships and singing about his pet rat. That’s just the sign of the times though. The Weeknd is the millennial MJ

The biggest reason to me for the MJ comparison is he sounds JUST like him!

The Weeknd has always been a fan of the King of Pop, even going back to his mixtape days. Doing his own version of Dirty Diana which is pretty dope:


Recently linking up with Daft Punk for his new album “Starboy” he has already released a few tracks that have that MJ feel. A new song “I feel it Coming” and of course the single “Starboy”.


Anything the man puts out I am a fan of. His career has sky rocketed since his album “Beauty Behind The Madness” and I don’t see it slowing down. The Weeknd will be the King of Pop for now and that’s fine by me.

There is still only one MJ.

But if he adopts a monkey or starts befriending famous midgets, then we can worry.