Buckeyes Squeak Past Sparty


If anyone has watched this series between these two the last 6 years. It’s cliché but truly throw the record books out the window. Also if you watched Ohio State all this year, you knew a game like this was coming.

The last two games the Buckeyes opened up the offense spreading teams out to create one on one match ups for their playmakers in space. Resulting in back to back 62-3 victories. The weather dictated Meyer’s game plan. With high winds and snow flurries all game mixed with a QB who can’t throw the ball, the Buckeyes went back to being safe and predictable. J.T. Barrett was 10-22 for 86 yards and was virtually ineffective all day. They relied on Barrett’s legs with 24 carriers for 105.

What was more concerning was the rush defense. LJ Scott averaged 8.4 yards per rush on 19 carriers. The first and fourth quarter is where the Buckeyes got gashed, it was the 4th quarter and the offense wasn’t moving and defense was on their heels. After MSU made it 17-16 with a little over 4mins left they decided to go for 2. After running down the Buckeyes throats they decided to pass on the 2 point conversion. It was picked off by Malik Hooker and ultimately cost Sparty the game.

The Buckeyes playoff hopes are still alive but with Michigan coming to town with a similar style but much more talented offense there is a huge cause for concern. Hopefully Urban and company make adjustments in the rush defense or it could be a rough day.

Let’s hope for good weather because JT’s noodle arm needs it as the Buckeyes are likely one more win away from being back in the College Football Playoff.