I love Ken Niumatalolo

I am the conductor for the Ken Niumatalolo bandwagon/hype train. Him turning Navy into a perennial 8+ win program is amazing. One day, hopefully soon, he will leave Navy for power 5 program.

Ignorant fans from these power 5 schools will say they don’t want him. “His offense is boring.” “That offense won’t work at a power 5 school.” Paul Johnson runs this offense at Georgia Tech and is going to his 8th bowl game in 9 years.  And this video below is Georgia Tech’s offense just embarrassing Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl in 2015.

His offense being ran by 3 and 4-star athletes takes me from 6 to midnight. They have gone 8-2 so far this season with wins over Notre Dame and Houston. They have won their division again and will play for the AAC title against either South Florida or Temple. And they have done all of this with their 3rd string QB, a ZERO star recruit, Will Worth. Will Worth is a 6’1 205 pound slow white QB. The scheme has allowed him to run for for 1,074 yards and 22 TD while throwing for 1,259 yards and 3 more TD.

2 videos below. The first is every offensive play from this week’s win against East Carolina, in which they put up 66 points and almost 600 yards offense. The second video is every offensive play from when they ran for 320 yards and beat Notre Dame, an offense and defense loaded with blue chip prospects.  Make sure you grab the lotion and some tissue first.