Marvin Lewis Wins In Bengals Loss

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

The Bengals dropped another game Sunday afternoon. Falling to the Bills 16-12 putting them at 3-6-1 on the year. The biggest take away for me from this game was despite the loss, Marvin Lewis came out a winner. He came out a winner today for one simple reason.

Injuries…let me explain.

The Bengals lost their best player AJ Green on the second play of the game with a serious hamstring injury. But it didn’t end there, all game long Bengals players were dropping left and right. Starting safety Shawn Williams went out with a hamstring injury as well and never returned. Vontaze Burfict and Tyler Eifert left the game a number of times shaken up and even the long snapper got hurt! To top it all off after the game news came out that Giovani Bernard has a torn ACL and is out for the remainder of the season.

Now what does this mean for Marvin Lewis? The perfect excuse that’s what. With a team that has been struggling all year and the Lewis haters growing in the city by the minute it’s not far-fetched to think Mike Brown wouldn’t have pull the trigger on firing Lewis if they were to miss the playoffs at season’s end. Now with your best player likely out for the year,  and arguably their 2nd best playmaker out for the year as well Lewis has his trump card.

Even with the loss the Bengals are only two games out of first in the division. See now Marvin has the whole “we weren’t at full strength all year” excuse and cheap ass Mike Brown will understand and happily give him another year. To be fair the team truly hasn’t been at full strength all year. Eifert missed the first 6 games, Burfict missed the first 3 but that’s football. Players get hurt, get suspended, absolutely no one in the NFL is ever at full strength all year.

I’m not a big “Fire Marvin” guy but there just has to be a different voice in that locker room. For a team as talented as they are top to bottom to not succeed or improve over these past 6 years is an issue. The players are undisciplined, key players are constantly out of shape (Burfict and Maualuga), and clock management continues to be an problem. Although I’d like to see Lewis in a GM role due to his solid scouting and drafting  I just don’t see it happening because of this ownership.

Basically this more of Mike Brown’s way of getting out of making a tough decision in letting Lewis go. Brown doesn’t want to fire Lewis and that’s apparent after 7 losses in the playoffs. He likes average, he wants average. Be just good enough to fill the seats. Before this game though it was looking like the voices may be too loud to ignore after a terrible first half of the season and a playoff berth in serious jeopardy. But now Mike Brown has his excuse and has his reasoning. “Let’s get healthy and make a push at it next year under Marvin’s watch.” I can see it now and for that reason, Marvin won. Injuries bought himself another year here in Cincinnati. So after every loss this year moving forward it will make Brown’s case, ignoring the fact that this is a very flawed team under a very average Head Coach.

AJ and Gio get healthy fellas. Marvin and I will see you next year.