Trust. The. Process.

Since Saturday, the 76ers are the hottest team in the NBA. Back-to-back wins over the Kentucky Wildcats Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat have Sam Hinkie looking like a genius.

Not going to lie, when they drafted Joel Embiid, I thought he was going to be Hasheem Thabeet part 2.  That’s why I broker freight and blog instead of working in an NBA front office. Over these past 2 games, Embiid has played 43 minutes and scored 48 points.  He is 16 for 27 from the field, including 4 of 7 from downtown. So yeah, not only has he displayed the footwork and soft touch around the rim that Hakeem Olajuwon had but he can also stroke from downtown?  Here are his highlights from the Suns game, I really hope he can stay healthy.

I can’t write a 76ers post and not mention my dude Sauce Castillo. He hit 5 of 6 threes and went for 21 the other night.