CFP Top 10 Rankings: Rivalry Week


Week 3 of the College Football Playoff Rankings come out tonight but we already have you covered.

This is our second week of doing our rankings before the CFP rankings actually come out. Now we are getting down to crunch time we are throwing in a little extra. We will give our rankings for this week, then we will give who will actually be in the playoff when the final rankings come out. Enough talk, Let’s go!


  1. Alabama


Hurts and Bama may have gotten their toughest test against FCS Chattanooga. The team was shaky the entire first half. Clearly it was a mind fuck by Saban to somehow refocus his team to get them ready for the late season push. Stay woke my friends.

2. Ohio State


Ohio State had a very predictable performance against rival Michigan State. So now the big showdown is here. Harbaugh and the Wolverines come to the Shoe for major CFP and Big Ten implications.

3. Michigan


“The Game” finally lives up to its name. It will be “The Game” come Saturday

4. Clemson


Clemson got back on track and seem to have a cakewalk to the Playoffs.

5. Washington


Just like Clemson, Washington got back on track. But unlike the Tigers, the Huskies have the Apple Cup next and either USC or Colorado waiting in the Pac 12 championship. Ouch

6. Wisconsin


As it shakes out. The Badgers may want to face Ohio State or Michigan in the Big Ten Championship game or they won’t have a seat at the table.

7. Penn State


This shitball team still has an outside shot. Unreal. NEXT!

8. Oklahoma 


New week same story. Yes OU won a top 25 game on the road but it’s the Big 12! Still need a few teams to fall before they are considered.

9. Colorado


Are the Buffaloes for real? Who knows but I believe Mike MacIntyre deserves to be coach of the year. Colorado will have their chance though with Utah Saturday and potentially Washington in the Pac 12 ship.

10. Oklahoma State


The Cowboys and Mike Gundy’s mullet are in the top 10. They have a chance to win the Big 12 against the Sooners in two weeks. Too bad it won’t mean a damn thing unless pure anarchy happens. You suck Big 12!

College Football Playoff Final Rankings Prediction:


2. Michigan


4. Oklahoma

I want to say Washington at the 4 spot but I think they fall in one of their next two games. Wisconsin will get beat in the Big Ten ship by Michigan. OU will jump Penn State due to being Big 12 champs. Can’t believe the Sooners will sneak in, Bama will beat them by 50!

The Natty:


Bama vs. Clemson

Fat Sparxxx please tell me how wrong I am. PLEASE!

This college football season has been so shitty. It’s Alabama, and then a bunch of shitball teams. Ohio State needs to be Michigan this weekend and then become huge Wisconsin fans. Oklahoma State could end up getting screwed by that botched no-call in the Central Michigan loss. Oklahoma…..fuck them. Okay, rankings below…..

1 – Alabama

NOBODY wants to play them, and I think we are wasting time even having a playoff this year.


2 – Clemson

Best team in the best conference, all hell will break loose if South Carolina beats them though.


3 – Ohio State

Fuck Ohio State.


4 – Michigan

Colorado win looks better and better. Make no mistake though, they have to beat Ohio State and win the Big Ten title game to get in.


5 – Washington

Still don’t trust them, but win out and they are in.

he University of Washington beat Washington State University to win the 2011 Apple Cup 38-21

6 – Penn State

Trash. Ohio State should be eliminated for losing to them.


7 – Colorado

Couldn’t name one player, but this reminds me of when Missouri was one win away from the BCS title game and lost. Never to be heard from again.


8 – Oklahoma/Oklahoma State

I put them both here because neither one deserves it, but whoever wins will try to sneak in. I absolutely hate Oklahoma and will kill someone if they somehow sneak it.


9 – Wisconsin

Have played 2 good opponents, lost both. Trash.


10 – Western Michigan

Undefeated still.  I will leave them here until they lose.

western michigan.jpg

How I think it will end up is another story, but I think that of course, the stars will align for Ohio State.  I think Colorado and Washington both lose in the next 2 weeks and blow the Pac-12’s chances of making it.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Oklahoma

Alabama will beat Oklahoma by 50, and then Ohio State by 20. I kinda miss the BCS.



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