T-Wolves Are The Future


If you don’t live in Minnesota or have NBA League Pass you probably don’t catch a lot of Timberwolves game. Although right now at 4-9 they might not be winning a whole lot, but this team has the workings of an absolute goon squad in the future!

Right now they have two young freaks leading their team. Andrew Wiggins is molding into an all around scorer improving his outside shot from 31% last year to 49% thus far this season. Even though we are only a few weeks into the year that’s a large improvement especially when you’re averaging 25.7 ppg and throwing up 4 three pointers a game. He is already a good perimeter defender as well, making him what’s rare in the league now, a two-way player. Look for him to continue to grow and become a superstar.

Then there is KAT. Karl Anthony Towns is a flat-out monster! Already a superstar in his own right. He is probably one of the most polished well-rounded basketball players will you see in the game today and the dude is only 21! It’s bananas how efficient and smooth this kid is. There is literally NOTHING on the basketball court this guy can’t do. Honestly look at him!

That’s a 7ft center with handles doing his best James Harden impression! The sky is limit for KAT and it won’t be long before we are talking about him being a top 5 player in this league. Hell, he might already be.

Oh and this team has the two-time dunk champion who is coming into his own, you know the guy that can fly:


Zach has been putting work from the outside as well, hitting at a 44% clip so far this year. Definitely not one-dimensional and only getting better.

This team is just super athletic everywhere and at every position. A lot of these guys already played defense and now with Thibs at the helm it will only get better. Kris Dunn will become a player on this team and I even like Dieng for what his role is with this bunch. This team will become a factor in the future as long as Towns and Wiggins are there. Trade Rubio for whatever you can and keep it moving. They just need another guard, preferable a veteran one and then they can become a true contender in the West.

Until then, we get to enjoy this:

Future is bright in Minnesota.