You Deserve This Brian Kelly


The NCAA just ordered that Notre Dame has to vacate wins from its 2012-13 and 2013-14 football seasons in an academic misconduct case. You can bet your ass Brian Kelly will appealing that ruling though.

It only took coach Kelly to literally kill a kid by forcing him to record practice in a watch tower with high winds. A cat-fish situation from your best player and a few rape allegations with unnamed players to get a little investigation going. And now a couple of players were found asking their team trainer to write papers for them just so they can keep that pristine GPA Notre Dame wants you to have. It only took all that to finally get some type of penalty and coach Kelly views it as a “discretionary action by the committee”.

You would think he would want that  42-14 National Championship ass whooping in 2012 off of his resume. Not Kelly though, he wants to hang onto that, to make people remember he was once successful for at least one season in South Bend. I imagine that damn weasel appealing to the committee asking if they can vacate this year’s team instead. He wants to forget this team, just like the Catholic boosters do too. I’m pretty positive they won’t have a problem sweeping this one under the rug just like many other things and keep it moving.

Oh well whatever, see you in Hell Brian Kelly.