Michigan Troll is Mad

After seeing these type of videos I always wonder if it is real or fake.

With a youtube user name like “undertakerfreak1127” I’m going with 1,000% real!

This poor WWE fan loves him some AC/DC and some Michigan Football. Unfortunately for him his Wolverines lost in a classic 30-27 in OT to rival Ohio State, knocking them out of the Big Ten Championship and the Playoff picture.

My man undertaker freak is UNHINGED in this video, telling his team and his coach how awful they are in the comfort of his lair in his mother’s basement. To top it all off he goes Hulk Hogan style on his poor Walmart Michigan Tee while admitting Ohio State is the better team (disagree).

For now, my man will have to just drink Mountain Dew and play League of Legends until his eyeballs bleed.

Have fun in the Taxslayer Bowl fellas!