CFP Rankings: Championship Week


Here we are, we made it. This is the final week of the CFP Rankings. Today at 7pmET will be the final rankings before the one that actually matters. After predicting the exact top 10 the committee had (no big deal) and giving you 2007 doomsday scenario, things got a little chaotic last Saturday just by Ohio State and Penn State winning. Championship week is this weekend and the Final Rankings come out this Sunday. If Washington, Clemson, and Penn State all win this week, the committee will have their hands full. We will cross that bridge once we get there though. So let’s just get to the picks for now!


  1. Alabama


Nothing new, even if they somehow lose to Florida they are in. Keep it moving

2. Ohio State


What the hell is the committee gonna do with these guys? Half the talking heads say they are a lock, half say it’s up in the air. We will find out Sunday

3. Clemson

download (1).jpeg

Congrats you beat an SEC team not named Alabama, Tigers beat VT Saturday they are in.

4. Washington


This team proved me wrong, they may be legit but they have a really tough task against Colorado in the Pac 12 championship. It’s still up in the air even if Washington wins if they are in. Will their body of work hold up against a Big Ten champ.

5. Michigan


Michigan blew it. They are one of the 4 best teams in the country in my opinion but two losses and no conference title appearance all but kills them. They need Clemson and Washington to lose to get a shot.

6. Wisconsin


Wisconsin almost blew their playoff hopes Saturday against Minnesota. Wisconsin will play in Big Ten Championship this Saturday and I don’t think it will be enough. If the Badgers win, they still need a Clemson or Washington to lose to get a shot.

7. Penn State


Kill me now. This team is the wildcard. If they win Saturday, shit will literally hit the fan.

8. Oklahoma


Sooners were off but still have an outside shot. If the committee values conference champs like most people think they do, they may sneak in if Clemson and Washington both lose.

9. Colorado


Story of the year for me, happy for the Buffaloes but they have no shot unfortunately. Even if they beat Washington and win the PAC 12 they will be on the outside looking in.

10. USC


Case of a little too late here. USC is playing like arguably the best team in the country. You just can’t punch your ticket with 3 losses. Sorry Trojans

Final Rankings Prediction:


2. Ohio State

3. Clemson

4. Washington

All holds true in Championship week. Wisconsin will beat Penn State giving the committee an easy out by keeping Ohio State in.

National Championship:

Bama vs. Clemson Rematch

These two just look like they are on a collision course. Also feel like the Tigers have the best shot to beat Bama although Michigan vs Bama would have been a great one but oh well.

Whatcha got Fat Sparxxx?

1 – Alabama

The only lock right now.  They could lose and still get in.


2 – Clemson

Virginia Tech will be a tough matcup, but win and they’re in.


3 – Washington

Chris Petersen is the man, and can get his team in the playoff with a win against Colorado.


4 – Ohio State

I’m not just saying this because I hate Ohio State, but I don’t see how a team can get in that doesn’t even qualify for their conference championship game.


5 – Wisconsin

I don’t think they have a chance to get in. They lost to both Ohio State and Michigan, and aren’t a top 2 team in the Big Ten. If there weren’t divisions, they wouldn’t be playing for the conference title. If they win, I think it pushes Ohio State in. And we know the Big Ten is all for throwing games so that they get their best team in. For example, the 2014 Big Ten title game..


6 – Penn State 

If they win, I think they get in. The Big Ten will have a representative, and if they win, you have to put them in over Ohio State. They won the head-to-head, the division, and the conference.


7 – Colorado 

IF they win and Penn State wins, and Clemson loses, there will be a loooooong debate on if they should get in. I don’t think so though.


8 – Oklahoma 



9 – USC

One of the top 3-4 teams in the country since putting Sam Darnold at QB. Too bad for them they didn’t make the move sooner though.


10 – Western Michigan

Still undefeated.