Tebow Turns Down $1mil Commercial Deal For The “Team” Then Pats Promptly Cut Him


Tebow is going on his media tour promoting his new book “Shaken”

In an interview with Fox News Tebow talks about a chapter in his book where he turned down a $1 million dollar commercial deal because he didn’t want to be a distraction to the team and Bill Belichick told him not to.

None of this story is actually a surprise. Tebow turning down the money, asking Belichick in the first place or even Belichick saying no don’t do this.

It’s just a power move by ole Bill “Hey Timmy I’m gonna need you to cancel that commercial deal” then cut him a couple of weeks later.


You gotta just praise Timmy here, turning down a million dollars for his team. What a guy! It’s just like Jesus dying on the cross for us if you really think about it.

Don’t feel bad for Tim though, he has plenty of endorsements, he has his own TV show and soon to be best-selling author.

Full interview below: