Drunk Fight Near Lake Is Comedy Gold



These two who appear to be little people are engaging in what resembles a fight near a dirty, muddy lake. This fight did not disappoint at all and I just love this video, it makes me so happy and had me rolling the whole time!

I enjoy the 30 second build up where they just stare each other down and your just waiting for something to happen like a Tarantino movie. Then drunk Peter Dinklage looks at the camera and gives the action hero one liner “It’s gonna be a good show ain’t it?”

And boy was it ever!

It took all of 8 seconds before these two heavyweights were in the water, I thought for a minute there poor Peter Dinklage was gonna drown a hero’s death here but he got up only to his dismay to find buddy over here grabbing rocks and looking to connect on some sweet chin music and send his head straight to Mars. Peter was looking for an old-fashioned wrestling match while the other guy wanted to end his life. After almost drowning again, the other guy realizes Tyrion is no match for him and even tries to help him out of the water a few times but he keeps coming back for more like Jason Voorhees. After taking one to the chin and having one of the slowest falls in human history into the lake Mr. Lannister should have just let himself die in those murky waters.

In yet he gets up only to get blasted again in which the guy asks for the 3rd time “Are ya done?” Even though it is hilarious God I hoped so, because the sound he made when he fell for the final time it sounded like the last bit of air was escaping his body. 

Wouldn’t be too surprised though if we found out the camera guy lost battery life and ole Peter had one last ride in him!