Wake Forest Football Has A Mole!


Look at that lovely family, just oblivious to the fact that their Dad is a giant snake in the grass!

In an investigation conducted by the Wake Forest Athletic Department, they have discovered that former Wake Forest Football Assistant Coach Tommy Elrod has provided or attempted to provide confidential game plan information to opposing teams.

Elrod has been the color man for Wake Forest since 2014 and has been giving this information out since his time began at the IMG Radio Network. The network has terminated Elfrod after this info became public and I just have some many questions from this story!

You have the inside scoop on this team since 1997 and teams still have managed to lose to the Demon Deacons? I don’t know if his info is bad or he gives some teams the full low down and some teams get nada?! I JUST DON’T KNOW! Is he trying to keep a low profile and not make it seem obvious by Wake Forest losing ever game by 70 or is it that Delaware couldn’t give ole Tommy here more cash than a team like Louisville?

Shocker that Bobby P is involved in some shady dealings and that’s how Wake Forest finally caught on. After being up at half against the Cards, the Deacons got drummed in the second half to the final score of 44-12. Then that’s when they realized something had to be afoot right? Not saying I blame Petrino here either because it’s all about W’s in football and you gotta take what you can get.

I’m hoping for some more answers and I’ll update when I know more, but this is actually good for Wake. They have the greatest excuse for sucking of all time!