Lane Kiffin, I’ve Found Your QB



Unless you are big into college football recruiting or apart of Buckeye Nation you have absolutely no idea who Torrance Gibson is. Gibson is a redshirt freshman wide out from Ohio State who is currently serving a suspension from the university for violating the school’s student code of conduct.  Rumor has it that Torrance was in a relationship with a tutor and she went and told the university about it when he didn’t want to date her but who really knows. Anyway, just yesterday a tweet from MGCCC Athletics showed Gibson had signed his LOI to become a Mississippi Gulf Coast player.

Now this doesn’t make this a done deal, Gibson can sign his letter of intent but still look elsewhere it just means he has a spot reserved for him. In a conversation with Ohio State insider Jeremy Birmingham Gibson told him, “I don’t know if I’ll be back at Ohio State, it’s not 100%. But that (tweet) is false information.” He later went on to say that he is having a little problem with the situation but his mother believes he can play Division 1.

All signs are pointing to Gibson leaving Ohio State and he is looking to play D1. If he were to go to a D1 school he would have to sit out another year but then be good to go. Now people are probably wondering why and how Lane Kiffin comes into play and why he would want to have a WR under center. But Torrance Gibson before he landed at Ohio State, was a quarterback in Plantation, FL and was rated the #1 Athlete in the entire country in 2015 class. Gibson is an absolute freak! Since Ohio State is loaded and Urban has a hard on for J.T. he moved Gibson to wide receiver because he is just too dynamic of a player to leave off the field. But after an ankle injury his first year and then getting suspended this season, Torrance never stepped foot on the field in an actual game. It’s a shame he never got to play because all you heard about was this kids potential. Weather it be making moves in the spring game:


Or hearing his coaches rave about him. Like his wide receivers coach Zach Smith who said, “He has skills that most human beings should not have. His size and speed is very, very unique. And he can throw the heck out of the ball.”

So now you have a kid from Florida who was a highly touted player at QB and is looking to play somewhere new and really wants to play D1. Hmmm, I wonder where he could go and make an impact? Oh that’s right, Lane Kiffin at Florida Atlantic! Lane just became the new head coach down there and is looking to redeem his image as a head coach. It’s a perfect fit to me, Jalen Hurts at Alabama is bigger but is a similar type player and we all seen what he was doing with him. Granted it’s with better players around him but Torrance is such a freak athlete plus being closer to home this kid would absolutely wreck Conference USA. I’m convinced that this needs to happen! Just pick up the phone Lane and do your damn job!

I’m a giant Torrance Gibson fan and I hope this kid gets a shot someone legit because he won’t disappoint if he gets on the field. I mean take a look at this guy: