Can We Talk About The “Fast 8” Trailer?

If you haven’t seen this yet, Buckle Up!



If you follow these movies and I believe every red-blooded American does, then your jaw is on the floor like mine was after watching this. Absolutely none of the actions shots here surprised me because after the 3rd Fast movie, they all have suddenly turned into the Ocean’s Eleven crew with super powers. It’s like the movie ” The Expendables” on Red Bull with some nice cars thrown in. Don’t get me wrong these movies are so awesomely bad I love them with all my heart and you don’t get 8 movies deep into a franchise without other people feeling the same way.

What’s bonkers to me is Dom (Vin Diesel) turning on his family/crew in this one. Granted it’s a fun little twist in the franchise but the past 7 movies the main heartbeat of these films are all about family. What you will do for family, how you never turn your back on family and how family is the most important thing. Well then here comes Dom to take a hot steamy dump all over his familia. I have 3 theories why Dom has turned on his crew.

  1. Blackmail- Charlize Theron is the new “bad guy” and Dom is rolling with her now. She even says, “did you ever think you’d turn your back on your family?” While he holds a picture of Paul Walker (RIP) and Dom’s sister who Paul Walker walked off into the sunset with their kids in the last film. Maybe Charlize has them hostage and is playing puppet master to Dom.
  2. Mind control-Yeah this sounds crazy but with these movies honestly anything is possible. They do say Theron is the very definition of hi-tech terrorism. Maybe a mind control chip somewhere on Dom? Don’t rule it out!
  3. Clone!-Ok this one is probably not it, but I’d be jacked for a Diesel v. Diesel showdown where Letty has to shoot the clone. Oh yeah!


Either way these movies are Ludacris (had to) and I enjoy every second of them, I’ll be there in the theater in April with my soft pretzel and giant Pepsi loving every second of it.

Props to Dom here though, I’d totally pick Charlize Theron over Michelle Rodriguez any day of the week.


Sorry Letty, should have stayed dead.