Grayson Allen, You’re The Worst!


I’m all for white basketball players even if they are a little dirty. Because let’s be honest, we gotta make up for what we lack in the athletic department with Grit, tough play, and the occasional elbow here and there. But this dude Grayson Allen is a next level dirtball.

Allen who had two incidents of tripping players last year, was back at it again tonight tripping another unsuspecting white guy from Elon.

And when he got a technical for it promptly threw a hissy fit like us persecuted white guys do.

Yea screw this guy.

He is the white Draymond Green, they both suffer from Flailing Leg Syndrome apparently. He was hit for his 3rd T in the last two years for this trip and still played in the second half, atta boy Coach K! That’ll show em! Glad Jay Williams former Duke great came out and said he needed to be suspended 5 games though.

Just because your white and play basketball people already don’t like you, then you go to Duke people hate you. You keep this kicking shit up, some walk-on from Miami is gonna come running off the court to murder you.




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