Things that make you go hmm 12/22/2016

*Grayson Allen, after tripping ANOTHER dude last night, has been suspended indefinitely by Coach Kzyejrzqwzzski. If you don’t remember, Draymond Green was suspended for game 5 of the NBA Finals last year. He was suspended for punching King James in the dick, but ultimately as a culmination of the handful of times he kicked other players during live action.

However, if you read into how the media is spinning this, it’s 100 percent obvious that the war on the white man isn’t going to end any time soon. Just this past week, MTV news felt the need to put out a racist video informing white men on how to improve in 2017. As for the reaction to Grayson Allen’s latest antics, I have read from media outlets calling for him to be suspended, questioning his character, and others saying that he has something mentally wrong with him.  Yet, when Draymond was out here kicking people, the media was quick to say that he is so athletic for his size that it’s hard to control his extremities. Hmmmmm indeed.

Let’s just be honest here, the media hates white people and they want everyone to follow suit. ESPN/MSNBC controls the agenda that gets injected into sports fans’ minds and they will continue to push this until we all hate each other with more passion than we carry for our teams.







*This is a parody blog, please don’t flood me with comments calling me a racist bigot


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