Ohio State Football: New Year’s To-Do List


Goodnight sweet Prince…

Contrary to what my fellow Gritfather Fat Sparxxx wrote yesterday, and yes the memes were hilarious but 2016 can get fucked!

Sure I got married and bought a new house (not to brag) but that’s meaningless when your favorite team gets hammered by a team whose coach is some hillbilly named Dabo. I know Dabo is a great coach and Clemson obviously was the better team but there is no way you can convince me they were 31 points better than OSU.

They got man handled, literally man handled

Bro what are you doing?! Looks like Michael Sam got another year of eligibility I guess.

But that’s how the night went. Just getting a lot of things up the ass.

Here is the good news though for Buckeye fans, in 2013 when Ohio State played Clemson they had zero defense to speak of and after losing a shootout Urban made it his mission to fix it and he blew it up and changed personnel and now they are one of the top defenses in the nation the last 2 years. Jump forward to today and ever since Tom Herman left in two years ago Ohio State’s offense has been shaky at best. After taking that 31-0 drumming Saturday night Urban Meyer said this will never happen again and I believe him. Here’s a little list of changes I think he makes and some he should make.

Fire Tim Beck-  It’s always hard to argue with what Urban does especially when it comes to hiring coaches. He has a very long list of successful assistants he has hired but when he brought in Tim Beck from Nebraska to be the new QB coach and co-offensive coordinator it left me scratching my head. Beck just finished his second year with those titles and it is clear JT Barrett has regressed and the offense is stale. Remember this kid Barrett had 45 total touchdowns as a freshmen under Herman. I know it doesn’t all fall on Beck with how the offensive line has played of late but when you have ex players calling you out for play calling, there is a clear problem.

Demote Ed Warinner- Same deal here. When Urban promoted Warinner from O-line coach to Co-Offensive coordinator it was odd. Warinner was a very solid o-line coach and the last two years the line has been very shaky since Ed has had the new role calling plays. Since he is a co-coordinator I hold him equally as responsible for the offenses woes as much as Beck. I believe Warinner earned a chance to stay with the program though and it’s not a bad thing. I know he is still listed as an o-line coach but he needs to coach the slobs full-time. I think some guys are good at just coaching one thing and Warinner was solid in the trenches.

Fire Greg Studrawa-  This one is plain and simple to me. Ohio State is known for always keeping offensive lineman. In the last two years and especially this year the line hasn’t been great. I know this year they were young out on the tackles but the two interior linemen (Pat, Billy) were All-Americans and they seemed to get beaten a lot on simple stunts and missed a lot of blitz pick ups this year. To me that speaks to coaching and with all the talent that continues to come in and especially at this position there is no excuse.

The QB job is open-  Truly I don’t see JT leaving, but you never know. Regardless of what happens the QB position needs another look. Barrett isn’t awful and yes most of his problems are because of the o-line and lack of playmakers around him, I truly believe they have 4-5 losses if JT isn’t their QB this year. That being said,  if you want the offense to change though, JT can’t change with it. He doesn’t have the arm, the accuracy and the long wind-up kills him in the passing game. Urban said they will be a better passing team next year and I don’t see that happening with JT. Look for Dwayne Haskins Jr. to make a push for the job even if JT is stll on campus.

Open it up!- OFFENSIVELY! This is something I think Urban has already put in the works. The last two years he has landed a ton of wide receiver talent and QB’s who run spread offenses and can sling it. I know Urban likes to run power spread offenses but I think he is changing it up. If JT comes back which is still up in the air, you will see a different offensive style maybe not next year but you can guarantee it will be very different come 2018.

Hire Chip Kelly- Look this one is unlikely but a man can dream right? Chip just got fired from the Niners and he and Urban are very close friends. With Saban starting the trend of hiring talented former college coaches for a couple of years to get their feet back under them I wouldn’t put it past Meyer for at least calling Chip and asking. That offensive style with that talent, with Big Ten size? LAWD!

Now I don’t know if Meyer will do all of these things but I can bet at least one of these things will be done this offseason if not 2 or 3 of them. Urban said this type of outcome will never happen again and I believe him. He just needed a wake up call like in 2013 with the defense so don’t worry Buckeye fans, they’ll be back maybe even next year…


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