WE’RE BACK!: Sarah Spain Still Hates Barstool And Definitely Me Now

Hello World!

It’s been a very uneventful year off hiatus, I hope our readers or reader (shoutout mom) had a wonderful 2017. It’s 2018 now so new year new me! So expect this to be the first and last blog of 2018, better than last year right?


After taking a year off a lot of things have happened especially in entertainment and media but one thing remains true. Sarah Spain HATES Barstool Sports. If you’re living under an internet rock Sarah Spain who is on ESPN hates the people at Barstool Sports who is quickly becoming an ESPN competitor because of their “misogynistic” ways. Mind you this is coming from a woman who sold herself on Craiglist for Superbowl Tickets but I digress.

A few months back ESPN decided to bring on two of Barstool’s best personalities (PFT Commenter and Big Cat) for what was to be a TV version of their #1 Sports Podcast “Pardon My Take” and they called it “Barstool Van Talk”. Then shit hit the fan, first was Sam Ponder flying off a grudge tweet from the clouds throwing Big Cat under the bus for something he did not even do. Then came the rumors of Sarah Spain expressing concern with management for the Barstool/ESPN collab. Now you let the Barstool guys tell you, Sarah Spain was upset she wasn’t getting her own show while these pigs from Barstool were coming in and were taking what was hers. Keep in mind all this shit happened before the first episode even aired! Barstool Van Talk was cut short after 1 episode, surprisingly quick (insert Rick Pitino joke). After the dust settled a few mean tweets here, a few subtweets there. All was over and ESPN and Barstool went their separate ways.

Not to fanboy out here but I love Pardon My Take, PFT and Big Cat are one of main reasons I started this Blog with FatSparxxx (RIP). They didn’t deserve to have their show pulled so quickly when they had nothing to do with these allegations and frankly they didn’t deserve the slander either. If you unplug your snowflake triggered brains for one second you will see all they are is two dudes just trying to have fun and it’s a shame people don’t get that and try to ruin that. Truly just guys being dudes.

Now insert Me! A year older, 15lbs heavier, slowly accepting myself as a useless human. I take you to yesterday as I lay on my couch drinking a glass of Red Wine. Yes, I drink Wine now and LeBron would be proud of me “SHEEEESH!” So I’m scrolling through twitter and I see this lame ass dude sending off a weak tweet to get a retweet from Sarah Spain.


This is where I blame the Pinot, normally I continue to scroll but I couldn’t help myself. I fired a tweet back just supporting the PMT Boys.

Harmless right? Just spitting facts and having fun buzzing off my second glass of Francis Coppola on a Thursday night, it’s like $12 a bottle but that shit goes hard!  So today sitting at work counting down the minutes until the weekend, I decide to check twitter and look what I find?


WTH? Someone who’s Bio says “Unf***withable” sure has thin skin! But I won’t lie to you guys, this triggered me a little bit. So what does a guy do on a Friday afternoon when he has nothing else to live for? I knock off the dust of the old blog twitter to call her out some more, and this convo ensued:



See I even tried to be a good friend and be about content to get her on the boys Podcast to discuss but she is playing hard to get. Just friends helping friends you see. Sadly, I’m still waiting on Sarah to slide in my DMs and tell me her side of the story but someone is lying that’s for sure. Too bad I don’t have Superbowl tickets to find out.





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